Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Latest Business News 14.04

About Financial Planners: What You Need to Know
If you’ve landed here, it means you’ve realized that you might need some professional advice in handling your financial affairs.

Consumers Spending Again, After Months of Saving
New figures show healthy sales growth last month, with Americans starting to buy clothes, jewelry and even cars.

McConnell Criticizes Democrats’ Financial Regulation Plan
Senator Mitch McConnell and Republicans criticized a bill as arrogant, but Democrats accused Republicans of trying to prevent tougher policing of Wall Street.

Financial Tuneup: Automate Your Debt Payments
Have your credit card company (and other lenders) automatically take the minimum payment from your bank account each month. Then, pay more if you can.

India's 3G auction gets under way
Major mobile phone operators begin placing bids in India's multi-billion-dollar auction for third generation (3G) licences.

JD Sports enjoys growth in profit
JD Sports sees a 26% increase in full-year profits - but warns tough economic conditions may force customers to cut back.

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Our Towns: For Some Farmers, Survival Through Hudson Valley Fresh Co-op
A former doctor’s effort to help small family farms in the Northeast stay in business by marketing and distributing their milk on their own.

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Small-Business Guide: How to Register a Start-Up
Business registration should be regarded as more than just another bureaucratic task.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Auto Insurance News 13.04

A frequent argument for nationalized healthcare is the comparison to auto insurance. Obamacare advocates reason that since government requires people to purchase auto insurance government can also require people to purchase health insurance. The flaws in that argument are numerous.

Compulsory auto insurance coverage is a state issue. Each state establishes minimum bodily injury and property damage liability coverage requirements as it deems appropriate. However, liability insurance provides no benefits to the policyholder beyond the transfer of risk. The auto insurance requirement serves to protect the public from catastrophic losses the insured may cause.

While auto liability is compulsory, drivers aren't required to purchase coverage that protects personal interests. The state isn't concerned with how someone replaces their vehicle or pays personal medical expenses that result from their actions.

Mercury officials strongly denied the new allegations. In a statement Monday, the company said it "takes very seriously our responsibilities to consumers and our customers" and added: "We don't engage in practices that would overcharge our customers."

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The company and its chairman, George Joseph, have donated more than $7.2 million to state political campaigns in the past decade. In 2009, Mercury donated $13,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of Attorney General Jerry Brown but has not donated to Poizner's campaign for governor.